C2C-Consumer to Corporate Realty Services

Taking Property On Rent
Having the right property at the right location makes a big difference. For Consumers it can lead to better Quality of Life whereas for Corporate customers it can lead to better business; the very purpose for which the property is taken on rent!

Before it ventures out to find the ‘right choices’ for you whether renting the property for residential, commercial or industrial purpose, C2C, understands your needs completely. We follow ISO 9001:2008 international standards and also abide by the Code of Ethics and Pledge of Performance and Service .Special care is taken that only those properties are offered to you which satisfies your personal or business needs.

We carry out preliminary due diligence of the properties short listed by you before your even visit to the site. We are proud to state that our Turn Around Time ( TAT-time taken to find ‘your dream property’ is also one of the lowest in the industry.

While our Transaction Advisory team assists you till the property is rental /lease agreement is registered in your name , services of our legal experts are always available to guide you on the compliances of the prevailing laws and regulations as well as to provide you support for legal documentation and other related matters. Legal assistance is available to ensure that rental terms, duration of lease, exit as well as renewal options are as per the mutually accepted terms and above all – the legal compliances are done in accordance with that.

We will be delighted to offer our services and look forward to helping you with your real estate needs. Do Connect with one of our experts.