C2C-Consumer to Corporate Realty Services
Buying Property

When you buy a property through C2C you also buy peace of mind. Whether you are a Consumers or Corporate, local or global, our strict compliance to ISO, Code of Ethics, Pledge of Performance and Service delivers to you trust, satisfaction and best in quality service.

Selling Property

Whether you are Consumers or Corporate, local or global, at C2C, we give you the best in class and offer customized solutions for selling your property. We have access to the existing and ever growing network of buyers and investors.

Renting Property

C2C is here to help you every step of the way- attracting sufficient tenants of your choice, background verification of the tenants, advising you on the tenancy terms or assisting you in getting a fair rental for your property- Team C2C is always by your side.

Taking Property On Rent

Having the right property at the right location makes a big difference. For Consumers it can lead to better Quality of Life whereas for Corporate customers it can lead to better business; the very purpose for which the property is taken on rent!


C2C takes pride in its ability to market new and upcoming projects as well as developing projects and building relationships with investors and buyers.

Market Research

How? When? Where? What? Whom? How much? If? If not?, etc are some of the questions which place a builder or promoter and his sales and marketing team in dilemma while promoting his property or project .